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You love your neighborhood, but not your house. It’s the perfect lot, but the house is not the way you want it. Maybe it is the layout or the style, whatever the reason, it is just not right. But you see its potential and you don’t want to move... you want a whole house remodel.

There may be nothing more gratifying than seeing your whole house transformed from what it is to what you know it can be. A whole house remodel allows you to completely redefine your home. And whether you just want to update, go for a whole new look, or restore your home to its original charm, we can craft it for you.

At Fred Henry Construction, we understand the challenges unique to whole house remodels. We start by taking the time to determine your needs, desires, and budget. Then we creatively design within the existing space to give you the result you seek. The end result? The house you have been dreaming of on the property you call home, in the neighborhood you love!

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